Volunteers Are Always Needed

Volunteers Are Always Needed

From top to bottom, our soccer Club is run by volunteers* – literally!

  • The Club Manager is a volunteer.
  • The Coach Coordinator is a volunteer.
  • The Referee Coordinator is a volunteer.
  • The Treasurer is a volunteer.
  • The Field Coordinators are volunteers.
  • The Coaches are volunteers.
  • The Assistant Coaches are volunteers.
  • The Team Moms (& Dads) are volunteers.

If your volunteer efforts haven’t extended beyond getting your child to practices and games yet, please consider contributing a little more. Odds are you, you’re going to enjoy serving alongside other members of the community who are working to make Orangevale a great place to raise a family.

Because there are so many different ways to volunteer – anyone of any ability can serve. Some volunteers roles benefit from knowing a fair amount about the game (ie: coaching, coordinating coaching or refereeing). Other roles are really geared for support (ie: team moms/dads). Some roles require some technical savvy (ie: managing the website and registration). Some less social roles are critical even though many don’t see them volunteering (ie: field managers, treasurers).

If you’ve ever wanted to be involved, please reach out to let us know and we’ll help you find a meaningful way to contribute that you enjoy.

If you want a paying job, learn more about becoming a referee.

Volunteering can be simple!
Volunteer with a friend or volunteer to make friends!
Anyone of any age can volunteer. Don’t underestimate yourself of the need for volunteers!

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