Referee Game Assignments


Game Assignments

Every referee is assigned to a specific game. In order to be assigned to a game, you have to let us know when you’re available.  The more available you are, the more likely you are to be assigned games to referee.

There is one person who assigns referees to games in our club… and that person is called “the assigner.”  Besides just figuring out who is available, the assigner also needs to consider the age level of the game, the specific referee assignment (center or sideline), and the abilities of each referee.

In order to manage all this, we use a website:  Every referee will need to create a free account and then log in to mark when they are available to referee.  This can be done every week… or you can do it all at one time at the beginning of the season.  The sooner your availability is posted, the more likely you are to be assigned a game to referee.

When an assignment is made, each referee has to accept that assignment.  If you wait too long to accept an assignment, the assigner may withdraw the assignment and give to someone else.  If you ever receive an assignment that you can’t accept, please decline the assignment as soon as possible so that the assigner has time to make an assignment to another referee.

It is possible to be assigned with someone else (ie: ref with a friend/sibling or ref with a son/daughter) – but that is not guaranteed.  The more you ref, the more the assigner gets to know you.  The better the assigner knows you, the more likely they are to find opportunities for you to ref with a specific person.

If you have questions about referee assignments for the Orangevale Youth Soccer Club, please email

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