Referee Policies



If you referee for other clubs, you’ll learn that there are several things that we do a little differently in the Orangevale Youth Soccer Club (OYSC) to help make sure your referee experiences are the best that they can be:.

 – If you referee at least two games, OYSC will reimburse you for the cost of the referee course.

 – Even if you start your referee service because of OYSC, we don’t mind at all if you decide to referee for other clubs or organization (but we do love it when you give us a shot to assign you games before the other clubs… ;).

 – If you already have a referee license from another club, we’re happy to have you referee for our club.

 – We strive to ensure that at least one adult is an assigned referee for every game.  Even when a young person is an experienced referee, we’ve found that having an adult on the referee crew makes it less likely that things get out of hand.

We hope that these policies will help you feel our appreciation and maybe even learn to love the greatest game in the world just a little more.

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