Player Gear


Uniforms are not included in the cost of registration. Each player is required to wear an OYSC uniform that includes a shirt, shorts and socks. You may use an Orangevale uniform from a prior season even if the style is slightly different from the current version. A new uniform (shirt, shorts, and socks) cost approximately $45 to $50 at Soccer Pro.

Soccer Pro

Uniforms are purchased directly from Soccer Pro. You may visit the store or order online. The store is located at the corner of Madison and Fair Oaks Boulevard; 11726 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks, CA 95628.

Player Equipment

Soccer Ball

Every player needs a soccer ball.

Age GroupBall Size
U6/U8Size 3
U10/U12Size 4
U14+Size 5
Player Equipment

Shin Guards

In addition to the uniform, every player is REQUIRED to wear shin guards at all practices and games. Shin guards must be worn under the socks and must be completely covered. There is no specific style or model required. We recommend visiting Soccer Pro if you’d like some assistance in selecting an appropriate pair of shin guards for your child. Your child may not participate without shin guards.

Player Equipment


While not technically required, it is strongly recommended that your child wear soccer cleats to all practices and games. Cleats will keep your child from slipping or falling – especially when the grass is wet or the fields are muddy.

Please note that most football, baseball and softball cleats are ILLEGAL to use in soccer due to the position, size or material of the cleat. Soccer cleats cannot be metal, cannot be too long and cannot be located at the front edge of the cleat. If you are unsure about whether or not your child can wear a specific set of cleats, please contact your coach or visit Soccer Pro..

Player Equipment

Goalie Gear

While some children who play goalie may use a special jersey or wear gloves, they are not required. (And in most cases, the team can provide them if desired.)

Player Equipment

Water Bottle

Every player MUST bring a water bottle to every practice and game – regardless of temperature. Staying hydrated is fundamental to keep players healthy and safe..

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