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Once a year, our club holds a meeting to talk about general stuff. We've cleverly titled this meeting the Annual General Meeting... or AGM.

Every member family of the club is invited to attend. That means every board member, every coach, every assistant coach, every referee, every player... and any member of their family can join them.

This meeting is usually held at the conclusion of the fall soccer season... most often in late November.

Usually in the back room of the Round Table Pizza restuarant located at 9500 Greenback Ln, Folsom, CA 95630.

There are usually only three reasons to attend an AGM:
  1. You have an opinion or thought you want to share
  2. You want to know what is going on
  3. You like free stuff.

There are only three reasons that the club (aka: the board members) want you to attend an AGM:
  1. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts. Honest.
  2. We want you to know what is going on. For real.
  3. Giving out free stuff isn't fun if there's no one to give it to. Seriously.

Members of the board sit up front (so you actually know who we are). You get to sit where ever you want. We give very brief updates on our individual responsibilities (usually 1-2 minutes each). The audience asks any questions they want about the board member responsibilities. Some board members retire. Community members interested in board positions speak up. We vote on positions for the next year - all of them, not just the ones from someone retiring. We hand out a few awards to recognize special contributors and then we give away free stuff. Once the free stuff is gone, we all go home.


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