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Since 1975, the Orangevale Youth Soccer Club (OYSC) has been serving the community in and around Orangevale by providing a safe and fun environment for families with children between the ages of 4 to 18 to compete in soccer. The club is a non-profit and all volunteer organization.

The board meets throughout the year (nearly monthly) to organize and direct the efforts of our volunteers.

If you’re interested in learning more or attending a board meeting, please contact us.


All members of the Board of Directors serve as volunteers. Each member is elected at an AGM and serves for a period of one year (until the next AGM). There are no time limits (minimums or maximums) for which a member of the Board may serve. Every position is open for election each year.

If you have an interest in serving on the Board of Directors (for any position listed below or perhaps a new position you think should be created), please let us know.


Pete Phillips

  • clubmanager@ovalesoccer.org



  • assistantclubmanager@ovalesoccer.org



  • registrar@ovalesoccer.org



  • treasurer@ovalesoccer.org



  • reccoachcoordinator@ovalesoccer.org



  • refereeassignor@ovalesoccer.org


The club’s Constitution and Bylaws are available at the link below.

OYSC Constitution & Bylaws

As stated in the document above, the Constitution and Bylaws may change from time to time. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with them as they are part of what makes OYSC unique from other soccer organizations (and don’t forget to attend the AGM as most of the changes are discussed and/or voted on at that meeting).

The board meets throughout the year (nearly monthly) to organize and direct the efforts of our volunteers.

If you’re interested in learning more or attending a board meeting, please contact us.


Many people who participate in organized soccer are only aware of the club organization; however, there are a number of soccer organizations that a club relies upon in order to allow a club to operate successfully. They are briefly referenced and explained below:

Club – Our club is the Orangevale Youth Soccer Club (OYSC). It is the lowest level organization and the one that most people interact with most frequently. The club is responsible for setting many rules for teams, coaches and refereeing. They work with local parks and recreation districts to make fields available. A portion of registration fees paid when you sign your child up are passed along to the “higher” organizations listed below.

League – Our club is a member of the Folsom Lake Soccer League (since 2018). The league provides additional guidance and resources (ie: player clinics, coach education, competitive teams) for their clubs. Other clubs include Folsom Soccer Club, Rancho Cordova Soccer Club, and Folsom Lake Surf Club.

Association – Our league is a member of the California Youth Soccer Association. They provide additional training to help leagues operate more efficiently and provide even more resources (ie: large-scale tournaments like District Cup and State Cup, administrative workshops and Olympic Development Programs). To help keep things organized in a large association, they have divided the area into geographical regions called “districts.” We operate as a member of District VI.

National Youth Organization – Our association is a member of US Youth Soccer. As a national organization, it is dedicated to promoting interest in soccer among the country’s youth and is primarily an educational institution.

National Organization – Our youth organization is a member of US Soccer. This national organization is likely best known for managing the men’s and women’s national teams that represent our country during international competitions.

International Organization – Our national organization is a member of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (in english, International Federation of Association Football)… or more commonly known simply as FIFA. And, of course, the term “football” used here designates what most Americans refer to as “soccer.” This international organization is the highest soccer authority in the world. In addition to providing overarching guidelines for the laws of the game, they host the most popular sporting event in the world – the World Cup.


This information is provided as general information (especially for families that are new to soccer or new to our soccer club) – not exact dates for a specific year.

Registration for the fall season usually begins in March or April and last for several months… usually closing around May or June. The reason we “close” registration is that it gives us time to see how many people for each age/gender registered. Once we know that, we can begin to put individuals onto teams.

Around July, coaches are informed about who has been assigned to their team. They are encouraged to reach out to the players/families to introduce themselves, provide their contact information and schedule a team meeting where families can come (usually to the field they will practice on) and meet face to face.

Using the recommendations of US Soccer as a foundation, our league (the Folsom Lake Soccer League) has developed a modified rules for micro soccer in our area. Not counting the field diagram, it’s two pages long.
If you are new to micro soccer, you’ll be glad you spent 5 minutes to read it before your first micro soccer experience!



Dates: Registrations for fall usually open on April 1 and continue as long as the link below is available; late registrations may be accepted if space is available
Links: registration is now closed
Cost: $100 for U6-U8; $115 for U10-U19
For each player, you must provide the following items to complete the online registration:

  • One (1) digital copy (ie: scanned) of State-Certified Certificate of Live Birth. Note that hospital or baptismal certificates are not legal documents and cannot be accepted. California Youth Soccer Association regulations require a certificate of live birth for registration.
  • Attend a one-day in-person field training session
  • One (1) digital photo of the player that shows only the head/face without any hats or sunglasses.
  • A credit or debit card to pay registration fees.


The age group that your child plays in is determined by the year they were born. Children are not allowed to play “down” (on a team in a younger age group). Occasionally, a child is allowed to play “up” (with a team from an older age group). Most families should select the youngest age group that the registration system makes available (it will only show you age groups that you’re allowed to play in).


Uniforms are not included in the cost of registration. Uniforms are purchased directly from Soccer Pro. You may visit the store or order online. The store is located at the corner of Madison and Fair Oaks Boulevard; 11726 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks, CA 95628. To purchase uniforms specifically for Orangevale Youth Soccer Club, click here


Registration refunds requested prior to August 1 will be returned less a $20 charge.
No refunds will be given on/after August 1.


Often, there is a chance for a child to register to play even when registration is officially closed so long as we can still find a spot on a team. Please reach out to the Club Registrar with the following information about your child to find out about availability ASAP:

  • Age
  • Gender

Don’t forget to include your name and phone number. To contact the Club Registrar, send an email to registrar@ovalesoccer.org.



Each player is required to wear an OYSC uniform that includes a shirt, shorts and socks. You may use an Orangevale uniform from a prior season even if the style is slightly different from the current version. A new uniform (shirt, shorts, and socks) cost approximately $45 to $50.

New uniforms may be purchased online or in store. To buy an Orangevale Youth Soccer Club uniform online, click here.

The store is located on the corner of Madison Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard. Please reach out directly to Soccer Pro with any questions about sizes, store hours, etc.


  • 11726 Fair Oaks Blvd Fair Oaks, CA 95628
  • 916-988-152


Shin Guards

In addition to the uniform, every player is REQUIRED to wear shin guards at all practices and games. There is no specific style or model required. We recommend visiting Soccer Pro if you’d like some assistance in selecting an appropriate pair of shin guards for your child. Your child may not participate without shin guards.


While not technically required, it is strongly recommended that your child wear soccer cleats to all practices and games. Cleats will keep your child from slipping or falling – especially when the grass is wet or the fields are muddy.

Please note that most football, baseball and softball cleats are ILLEGAL to use in soccer due to the position, size or material of the cleat. Soccer cleats cannot be metal, cannot be too long and cannot be located at the front edge of the cleat. If you are unsure about whether or not your child can wear a specific set of cleats, please contact your coach or visit Soccer Pro..

Goalie Gear

While some children who play goalie may use a special jersey or wear gloves, they are not required. (And in most cases, the team can provide them if desired.)


Every player MUST bring a water bottle to every practice and game – regardless of temperature. Staying hydrated is fundamental to keep players healthy and safe..



In 2016, US Soccer (the national organization that oversees youth soccer in America) made some pretty dramatic changes to soccer for the younger players. From U5 through U8 teams, they altered some major rules to how the games are played in an effort to improve the soccer experience for the particpants. (If you want to read the details yourself, click here.)
The most notable changes to what is now commonly referred to as “micro soccer” are:

  • The field is much smaller
  • Only 4 players are on the field at time
  • There are no goalies
  • There are no referees


Using the recommendations of US Soccer as a foundation, our league (the Folsom Lake Soccer League) has developed a modified rules for micro soccer in our area. Not counting the field diagram, it’s two pages long.
If you are new to micro soccer, you’ll be glad you spent 5 minutes to read it before your first micro soccer experience!


Once a year, our club holds a meeting to talk about general stuff. We've cleverly titled this meeting the Annual General Meeting... or AGM.

Every member family of the club is invited to attend. That means every board member, every coach, every assistant coach, every referee, every player... and any member of their family can join them.

This meeting is usually held at the conclusion of the fall soccer season... most often in late November.

Usually in the back room of the Round Table Pizza restuarant located at 9500 Greenback Ln, Folsom, CA 95630.

There are usually only three reasons to attend an AGM:
  1. You have an opinion or thought you want to share
  2. You want to know what is going on
  3. You like free stuff.

There are only three reasons that the club (aka: the board members) want you to attend an AGM:
  1. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts. Honest.
  2. We want you to know what is going on. For real.
  3. Giving out free stuff isn't fun if there's no one to give it to. Seriously.

Members of the board sit up front (so you actually know who we are). You get to sit where ever you want. We give very brief updates on our individual responsibilities (usually 1-2 minutes each). The audience asks any questions they want about the board member responsibilities. Some board members retire. Community members interested in board positions speak up. We vote on positions for the next year - all of them, not just the ones from someone retiring. We hand out a few awards to recognize special contributors and then we give away free stuff. Once the free stuff is gone, we all go home.


PO Box 2617 Orangevale, California 95662



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